72152_408044815928957_199109988_nThe WayOut Club was accessible to wheelchair users at Charlies for 15 years and has had many regular visitors with disabilities and special needs, including large electric wheelchair users. (including my own nephew Jamie for one). Friends who have disabilities often tell us that The WayOut Club is the most friendly club that they visited and the most diverse, making them feel very relaxed and welcomed. No one is “normal” at WayOut and that’s the way we like it.

HOWEVER Our current venues have limited accessibility
For this reason we offer wheelchair users and a carer FREE entry to both venues

I know that accessibility is poor in most UK venues and ours are no better than average I know this is a rubbish situation. My own nephew Jamie uses a heavy electric wheelchair and loves to come to WayOut and I know, having helped bring him up I know how poor accessibility is just RUBBISH. However as a ‘Stand up Comedian’ Jamie has learnt to use a lightweight wheelchair and assistants to get him into some of the venues he wants to work in.

THE MINORIES This venue is all on one level and is accessible from the entrance but there is a 6″ step 6ft into the building and then a second 6″ step 10ft more into the building. We will be obtaining a ramp for this step. You might have your own portable ramp. We can lift a manual wheelchair and user up and down this step. The toilet areas have only got a normal size door – not extra wide. The dance floor is on a lower level and is NOT accessible but can be seen clearly seen from beside the dance floor. Our shows are performed on the dance floor and wheelchair users have a good view.

I know not very good but not hopeless – Dont hesitate to call me to check anything
07778 157 290