To find out more about The WayOut Club, click on one of the links below:

What’s It Like
This section tells you Who is at the club and what time they arrive, What the venue is like, It describes the relaxed atmosphere at the club, the type of music we play and the type of shows we present.

How To Get Here
This section has our address, a map and details of the great car parking and trasport links that we enjoy.

Entry Details
This section has our prices, discounts, Dress code and the security rules that we have to ensure an enjoyable night.

If you have special needs this section is for you.

Dressing Help
This section is for you ‘girls’ that need some tips and maybe even a helping hand to get your image ready for your debut.

Tips For Guys
This section is for you guys – Please read and enjoy the fact that we do understand and respect you and ask nothing but the same in return.

Tips For Couples
This section has links to articles that help answer all the questions you may have before OR after a visit to WayOut. It includes testimonials and stories from friends family and partners.

Food and Drink Available
We offer a good snack or full meal during your visit to WayOut. The full menu is here.

Local Hotels
We have plenty of reasonably priced and friendly hotels around our area within walking distance of our club and FREE parking.

Club History
The club has run since 1993. In this section you can find out how we started and how we grew to the club we are now.