This page will help you have a great visit to The WayOut Club

Hello and welcome to …

London’s Leading Transgender Nightclub
1993 to 2023
For Boys Girls and Inbetweenies

Where Gender has no Boundary and neither does Love
Wear what you Want – Be What you Want
Dance – be Entertained – Mix & Mingle – Network

Hi my name is Vicky Lee and I started the club in 1993.

I have been at the club almost every Saturday ever since and I love to meet people.
SO …. Is this your first time? Boy, Girl or Trans You WILL love it. Every one is friendly, we all remember our own first time out.

When you arrive please say hello to me xxx
Vicky Lee.


ALL CHANGE 2023 ..

We have the Swan bar AND the Basement dance floor
for ALL our events … at

WayOut @ the White Swan
556 Commercial Road London E14 7JD

Our dates will be ONCE per month on the THIRD Saturday of EVERY month

At The White Swan .. We will open at 10pm exclusively in the ground floor Swan Bar (the basement will be available for anyone changing). Cabaret will be in the ground floor Swan bar at 12:00 followed by Star search, Open Mic and Karaoke.

The Dance floor will open at 12:30 and the Swan bar with seating will be a chill out zone to chat and get to know each other without loud music.. We are open till 3am
There is toilets on both floors ..
We have our own exclusive outside area..

£10 everybody cash or card ..
Open 10am …… Till late (at least 3am)
£2 per item in the cloakroom
No dress code wear what you want guys and gals
ID required …. OR your photo recorded to system
Cloakroom £2 per item

Currently our venue is accessible on the ground floor with a toilet which has limited access. On this level we have cabaret, Open Mic, Karaoke and from 1:30 music is only that spilling from the Basement Dance floor to allow chilled chat mixing mingling and getting to know each other.
We don’t have a fully accessible toilet

We are pleased to say that the basement dance floor can be used to change.
Between 22:00 and 24:30 (10 to 12:30pm)
It has loads of room and loads of mirrors and 3 toilet cubicles.
Your bags should be securely looked after by Liam in the cloakroom at reception
£2 per item.


It is a licensing requirement to show a photo ID at the entrance.
But you are at an LGBT friendly venue with very cool security and management who understand your ID may not match your presentation. They will happily snap a picture of you on to the system so if you are “naughty” we can identify you next time.
Suitable ID is
a driving licence, a passport or a ‘My ID Card PASS’ card …
(My ID Card
is the official, PASS-accredited photo ID card accepted by most clubs across the UK as well as in cinemas, bars, restaurants and shops selling age-restricted goods and services. It’s easy to apply for and it only costs £15.)
Like many clubs and bars across the UK –  ID scanning equipment, allowing security staff shares data with each other. Should someone be banned from one bar, the system shares the details across the network. By using the system the venue obtains better licenses and more freedoms to operate.

BJ’s White Swan is located on the corner of Butcher Row and Commercial Road.
There are 2 cab offices a few yards from the WHITE SWAN
Cabspoint 639 Commercial Rd, London E14 9FW 020 3325 0749
Airports Carriage 581 Commercial Rd 020 7790 0500

BY – DLR :
Runs till midnight SO best to get to the WHITE SWAN (but taxi back)
Limehouse DLR station is directly behind the White Swan
Limehouse DLR station is only 3 stops from Bank station or 3 stops from Canary Wharf Station in the other direction.
(PS. Limehouse mainline station is right next to Limehouse DLR)

BY – CAR :
From the West End … Commercial Road from Aldgate The White Swan on your right.

From Essex and the East Commercial Road IS the A13 The White Swan on your left.

The Highway runs from Tower Hill towards the Limehouse Link.
Turn left before you enter the link tunnel into Butcher  Row and The White Swan is at the end of that road on the right.

Coming from Essex and Canary Wharf via the Limehouse Link after the tunnel turn right into Butcher Row and The White Swan is on your right.

From South of the river use The Rotherhide Tunnel it is located behind The White Swan.

Parking is available on many roads (single red line single yellow line)
and it is FREE to park on Saturdays after 7pm through to 6am.
The WHITE SWAN is well outside the London congestion charge zone
BUT is within the 24hr ULEZ  zone



The nearest Tube stations to us are:
Stepney Green (District Line). Exit the tube, cross the road and walk down White Horse Lane until you get to Commercial Road.
The bar is on the other side of the road
(please be aware it’s about a 10 – 15 minute walk from the station to Commercial Road)

Aldgate East (Hammersmith & City Line). exit the tube and head towards Commercial Road. keep walking until you reach the bar on you right hand side.
(Please be aware it is quite a long walk).

BY – BUS :
You can take bus routes:

And night bus routes:

The Royal Foundation of St Katharine 3star Hotel … Butcher Row
(good prices which include breakfast – short walk from the WHITE SWAN)
For those who wish to drive to The Royal Foundation of St Katharine Hotel has a car park right on site for maximum convenience.
Parking is free for guests. Self-parking is conveniently available at the hotel.

Holiday Inn Express … London Limehouse (few mins by taxi)
Travelodge … London Mile End (few mins by taxi)

IF your used to the The Travelodge … Tower Hill … it is just round the corner from the Tower Gateway DLR and the Limehouse DLR is two stops and just behind the WHITE SWAN .. but you would need a 5 min cab back

Help Dressing

For your first visit if you are not sure what to wear – I would recommend an LBD Little Black Dress with some well chosen accessories. You will feel at home in this outfit though in truth there is NO dress code and visitors wear whatever makes them happy. That is what it is all about.

There are a few very good ‘Dressing services’ near the club who can help you with everything you need or just a confident smile to help you make your visit.

The best way to visit is come on public transport stay in a nearby hotel – change and make-up in comfort – don’t worry about drink driving and have a great night … best booked on line in advance

Getting Home

Late at night cabs are the ONLY safe way to travel – specially for a girl. See above  taxi numbers. Always agree the price before you leave. P
rices are rarely less than £20 (the £100 to £150 room all of a sudden may be more attractive).

What is the Club like – what can I expect?

The club has regular “early birds”. The club steadily fills up from 10:00 and by midnight you can expect 100 to 150 (250 for special events). Our visitors include  ‘boys girls and inbetweenies’ of  ‘every age, race, culture, sexuality and gender’. The club “looks” fairly balanced male to female. But the majority of the “girls” are transgendered – t-girls, cross-dressers, transsexuals, lady boys, together with their girlfriends, wives, partners. The “males’ include our Trans Allies (those that accept and help us – close friends, employers, family, boyfriends and would be boyfriends and husbands – Yes Husbands we have had over 10 marriages between our guys and gals) The “males’ also include men that do cross-dress – but not in public. Over the years the regular guys who come to the club have got to know each other and this has created an even more friendly club. Guys coming alone can now expect to have a good chat with like thinking guys as well as girls.


I know that you may be plucking up courage to take the first visit to The WayOut Club but I assure you that ANY Saturday there are friendly regulars including me (Your Host) Vicky Lee and my life partner Lesley, and my WayOut team, looking forward to welcoming you, and helping you, to feel at home and enjoy your night. I include in that assurance, most especially family, friends and partners.

The opportunity to visit The WayOut Club weekly since our foundation in 1993 has allowed many (1000’s) to make those first steps, to develop their dress style, confidence, social skills and networks. To explore their gender and sexuality. Since 1993 the whole tranny scene has become more confident. However I can assure you that, however awesome looking, confident looking, many of our WayOut regulars may look. None ever forget their early steps and most enjoy welcoming and helping others less confident.

Some of our visitors take long breaks and then return to renew their link to the club. Others, including me, Vicky Lee, hardly ever miss a night at the club. Some, have over this time transitioned from male to full time female. Some, have found at the club partners both male and female. Some have in this time married (we have even hosted wedding receptions at the club). Many have made firm friendships meeting their new friends outside the club developing a fulfilling transgender lifestyle. Many have enjoyed the contests and opportunities to perform and some have become more regular entertainers at the club or gone on to entertain or enter other contests outside the club.

We all love to chat

Remember that for most visitors, the opportunity to openly talk about all the tranny things that interest them, rarely exists outside the club. That is why everybody loves to chat and why we  provide a quieter place to chat. Everyone in the club has an interest in transgender and that what brings us together but with people from every background and from all round the world the chat can also be very exciting. We love to meet couples. We love to meet friends and family. We love to meet the guys who (these days) are generally more confident and better informed about the scene (bless the internet). We love people that want to meet and chat with trans girls. On any week you will find 60% of our guests are Transgendered and always include (though we do not encourage labels) part time and regular TVs, Transvestites, Cross Dressers, T Girls, She Males, Lady Boys, Drag Queens and some of the most gorgeous pre and post op Transsexuals from all around the world.

Every age, Race, Culture, Sexuality and GENDER

Visitors from overseas, working in the UK, on vacation, or business trip  make a bee line to The WayOut Club. Lady boy nurses from the Philippines are regulars. Students studying photography, journalism, sociology and anthropology, often visit the club to meet our ‘girls’ to get help with their college projects. Researchers from television companies and film companies come to the club to meet people and research ideas for new programs. Over the years we have helped with many casting sessions and program ideas. I know from these visitors who consistently tell me, there is no other club like WayOut in the world and certainly none embracing such diversity in such a relaxed and friendly way. I will take a small amount of praise for this fact but know that it is all those that visit the club that create and preserve the amazing phenomena that is WayOut.

Guys and Girls (as well as) Inbetweenies

We always welcome respectful Guys and Girls who want to share the atmosphere of the WayOut Club. Many brave the nerves and come alone. However we especially like meeting girlfriends (boyfriends), partners wives who come with their trans friend or partner.

  • We have a special welcome page for Girls and Couples planning to visit WayOut
    CLICK HERE to help you make the most of your visit

Many guys have a healthy interest in meeting Tgirls. WayOut is a great place to meet T-Girls as there are probably more at WayOut than any other club in the world. Many people have made good friendships at the club. (sex in the club is not allowed – get a room
CLICK HERE for local accommodation)

  • We have a special welcome page with Tips for Guys planning to visit WayOut
    CLICK HERE to help you make the most of your visit

Music with resident DJ – Titch

Hey I’m DJ Titch aka Jamie.  I’ve been playing music and perfoming at The WayOut Club for over 15 years  (I also help put a lot of the shows together). I mainly play POP and DANCE through the night and I keep up to date with all the new releases, so don’t be afraid to come and ask me to play your favorite tune, (If I have it I’ll play it, if I don’t I’ll get it). But I might surprise you with a wicked dance remix version. We encourage gorgeous ‘girls’, (and boys), to get up and strut their stuff on the WayOut dance platforms. Over the years the club has developed its own anthems, you know the ones that make you get ya groove on. Listed below are some of the WayOut Anthems you always ask for. Kele Le Roc – My Love (Paul Mastersons remix), Tymes 4 – She Got Game (Club Mix), JSTO – I Just Wanna Dance (Wayne G club Anthem), The PussyCat Dolls – Don’t Cha (Ralphi’s Hot Freak 12” Vox mix)

Music with resident DJ – Gary Baldi

Hi Inbetweenies, DJ Gary Baldi here. From me you can be sure of a little bit of this and a little bit of that and if your lucky enough, a bit of the other (music wise that is). I play a mixture of house including, funky house, electro house, tech house, remixed classics and even a sprinkle of R&B. You’re guaranteed a mega dance session with all your favourites. Come and say hello, I don’t bite, only if you ask me too! All requests are considered and if I don’t have it, I will do my best to get it for you, after all you’re the people that matter. If the dance floor is pumping then I am happy. The WayOut club is the best place to be whoever you want to be, with a diverse crowd and an electric atmosphere; you can let your hair down and have a great night without fear of being judged (and I love every minute of it). See you on the dance floor x

Our Shows –

Are booked from amazing home grown trans girl talent and the femme real girls on the London Drag scene. Most of our performers sing live – all are beautiful. Solo’s Duos and threesomes.

Our Events – annual events throughout the year

Our diary has a number special events. These are some of our very best nights. They include the clubs Anniversary in April, Vicky Lee’s Birthday in October. The Alternative Miss London pageant and catwalk contest. A tribute night to our co-founder Steffan Whitfield in August raising funds for cancer charities. You will find these events in our diary.

The WayOut Club – Award winning, transgender nightclub

It is no wonder then that The WayOut Club was awarded one of the first ‘Sparkle’ TG awards for, ‘Best Transgender Club’. However what really thrilled me was when Leah True who organised the awards told me that when the voting at was opened that The WayOut Club leapt into the lead. I was even more thrilled to hear that the votes came, not just from the UK, but also from countries all around the world reflecting the breadth of our visitors over the years since 1993. When I am talking with those that are the most hard working, influential, role models and creative trannies I am always happy to be reminded that so many of these wonderful people took their first steps at The WayOut Club.
CLICK HERE for the full History of The WayOut Club