Alternative Miss London is a pageant contest for the transgender community.

It is a catwalk contest to celebrate transgender intelligence, beauty and creativity.

The pageant is a contest founded by Steffan Whitfield in 1992. Fundamentally for the transgender community. After the first year at The Hippodrome Leicester Square it has been held almost every year at The WayOut Club. The contest has been organised by Vicky Lee throughout



Alternative Miss London 2015 at The WayOut Club at The Minories,  64–73 Minories, London, EC3N 1JL Open late to 4am for this special event

Saturday 26th September at The WayOut Club @ The Minories on stage at 1am – 4am

With entertainment from The T Party Girls

Our 25 year old Celebration of Diversity pageant is looking for Alternative Miss London 2017 and this year for the next ‘Model for Diversity’ the winner will receive £300 cash sponsors products, a photo spread and article in Transliving International magazine.

The first runner up will receive £150 cash together with Miss Congeniality ALL winners will receive… flowers, trophy, sash, crown and jewellery and a years subscription to Transliving International magazine

Remember every entry is a winner

The Judges …

Geyzhel Sparks,


Alexandra Maria Diaz and Vicky Lee

Sponsors …

Magazine photo spread and article from Shane Marcus “Transliving International magazine’

Crowns and Jewellry from Geyzhel Sparks

Cash prizes from Vicky Lee ‘The WayOut Club’

Trophies and sashes from Vicky Lee ‘The WayOut Club’

a years subscription to Transliving International magazine from Shane Marcus


Want to enter ??
says Host Alexandra Maria Diaz

WELL Contestants …

There is NO entry fee,

3 outfits are required,

9 – questions but no interview on the night.

NEW we offer a chance to give a message to the audience on the microphone (optional)

You will need 3 outfits

1 – a creative outfit (your opportunity to win – the sky is the limit)

2 – a sexy outfit (can be lingerie or swimming costume or what ever you dream)

3 – a glamourous outfit (preferably full length but cocktail is ok too)

You need to private message or email Vicky Lee with your entry request, your promise to be at the event on the night by at least 12:00 ready for 1:00 also a picture and the answer to the following questions

5 questions for the web site and the catwalk

(Your answers to be read by hosts Alexandra or Vicky Lee)

The answers to these questions are for tell the audience something about you via the web site and also while you walk the cat walk.

You wont be asked to answer any questions on stage on the night .


1 -Your Contestant Name ?

2 – Living in what part of London ?

3 – From what background ?

(your family background – part of this country or another country)

4 – Your favourite saying ?

(my own is “Its better to burn out than to fade away” )

5 – Inspiration for your creative outfit ?

(maybe superhero, national dress, film, bird or butterfly)

6 – The country in the world you would most like to visit ?

7 – The Job that you do or your favourite hobby or sport ?

8 – Your wish to the world:

(the obvious one is – “Peace love and Harmony” but you will all want that)

9 – What will you do with £200 if you win ?

10 – NEW  Your opportunity to give your message to the audience

This one you can say on the microphone (optional)

(your chance to show your pride and to be inspirational)

Free champagne reception and Free photo Photo Shoot for contestants at WayOut @ The Minories 11pm Sat 26th August
Giant dressing room available 11:15. Contest and show starts at 1am

Share the history of the event and to promote this years event. I have uploaded hundreds of pictures taken over the 22 years. Have fun looking at the pictures – tag yourselves and your friends and share