betty“Have I got a dress for you” I think were the first words I heard from Betty on my first visit to her shop in Old Street where since the 60s she had quietly looked after ‘gentlemen’ from top to toe with their every tranny need. I know I left with a pile of purchases.

Betty was listed in my first Tranny Guide and every edition there after. She always sold more of my books than any other outlet. She always sponsored events.
But with Betty and her team of ladies especialy ‘Irene’ who would call to Betty “look who’s here Mrs” whenever I entered the shop, it was not only a sale but a long term friendship.
Pulling everything back into her Leyton shop when the lease finished at Old Street her regulars followed her and the growing TG scene found her. She worked unceasingly to provide everything that the trannies were looking for at the keenest prices. Irene and Betty’s son Alan of course carry on the legacy at 644 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton E10 6AP 0208 539 4578

Betty passed away in June after struggling with a variety of illnesses and many days in hospital. From her bed she would ring me almost up to her last day. “Vicky you have got links to my shop on your web site havnt you? – Now listen did I mention to you Vicky I am writing an opera – do you know anyone who could write the score”. She was a dynamo and a key ingredient to the growth of the TG community through he last 30 years. Betty If I had not put in your shops contact details above I know you would have come back to haunt me. She always finished with the line “You know where I am if there is anything I can do for you Vicky – God Bless”
I ALWAYS knew that was not a casual sign off like an american checkout “have a nice day” I ALWAYS knew I only had to ask and Betty would come up with the goods. You know Betty where I am if there is anything I can do for you I always will …
God Bless YOU Betty Freedman – God Bless