Entry Prices

Entry price from 9pm – 11pm …………… £10.00
Discounted to £7.00 … before 11pm 
for ALL who are transgendered, female, cross-dressed, or changing at the club.

Entry price from 11pm – 3am …………… £12.00 for everyone

Cloakroom costs £2 per item


When you arrive at our reception you will be met by our door team together with our security who are there to ensure a safe visit. We ask you to sign our door sheet to know how many are in the venue (a fire requirement). We give you a (non descript) rubber stamp that allows you to come and go to the garden area. You can take drinks out to the garden.

  • We do have rules and ask you to work with our security … scroll down for more
  • There is no dress code (except no football shirts) … scroll down for more
  • We do have restrictions on photography and video … scroll down for more
  • We love to meet partners, family and friends … more
  • We do welcome guys dressed as guys … more
  • We do have “limited” wheel chair access at THE MINORIES is the best more


Our security is provided to assist you to have a great night. Please feel free to bring to their attention anything that concerns you. If you are refused entry or are asked to leave. We ask you to accept without question our security decisions which are made for your protection and the protection of our licence. (Lets face it – we will be sober and you are likely to have had – one or two). Work with us and on this basis you will always be welcome again at future events. CCTV is recorded throughout this venue. Security’s decision is final and will not be overturned by promoters or management.

Before you enter our WayOut world
we would like to point out the 6 rules of the club.

  • We will not tolerate illegal drugs in the building
  • We will not tolerate sex acts in the building
  • We will not tolerate exposure of genitals
  • Use the Ladies toilet if you are dressed female
  • Use the Mens toilet if you are dressed male

Please note: If you do not respect these 6 rules, you will be asked to leave and you may be banned from the club.

You are encouraged to immediately report “lack of general social skills” behaviour to your hosts. Our top priority is that you enjoy your visit.

  • The management of The WayOut Club and the venue, both retain the right to refuse entry to any person.
  • If you are lucky to look under 21 years of age you may be asked to show ID to prove you are over 21 years of age
  • We reserve the right (as required by our license conditions) to physically search at our discretion. We request and expect your full co-operation and we will not tolerate … Drugs considered illegal, Weapons or potential weapons. If we find such things we will confiscate these items for collection by the police and you will be asked to leave. Furthermore you are not allowed to bring into the club food or drink bought outside the venue. If found we will confiscate and hold at the reception desk for your collection on the way out.
  • We will not serve alcoholic drinks to those that we consider have had too much alcohol.
  • Bags and clothes left unattended are considered a risk – We wont blow them up – but we will remove them at your risk or ask you to check them into our secure cloakroom. We can not accept any responsibility for any lost property. But if any is handed in it will be held behind the bar and returned upon a successful description.
  • We provide a stamp on your wrist on entry to allow re-entry if you go outside. However re-entry is at our discretion.
  • Drinks on the dance floor cause spillages accidents and confrontations, so please dont dance with your drink – its sad

Once more … We ask you to accept without question our decisions in all of these matters, which are made for your protection and the protection of our licence. If you work with your hosts, security and the venue management, you will always be welcome to return.

Since the ORLANDO shooting in the USA and terrorist attacks in France. (following advice from the police – who we work closely with)
We have become stricter with our entry security measures.
We may search you with a metal detecting wand
We may search bags
We will insist that you check large bags into our Cloakroom (we will search them first)
We will insist that you check large coats into our Cloakroom
We ask YOU to be aware and bring to our attention immediately ANYTHING that you are unhappy with and does not “look right” – We are statistically at very little risk but it is much better to be safe than sorry….

Dress Code

All the girls make a lot of effort and there is no guide line we like you to epress yourself – (BUT no exposure of genitals is accepted). Guys please make an effort. Wear what ever you like – Kilts, suits, jeans, uniforms, whatever. BUT please NO branded supporters shirts (we don’t want any arguments over teams even in jest) . More importantly we are looking for your respect for our staff and fellow guests. All entry is at the discretion of our door team and security.


We understand and respect that many coming to the club do not want to be recorded on camera.For that reason we have just a small number of trusted photographers who we allow to take pictures using profesional equipment. These photographers will always check that there is no one in the background of the picture who may wish NOT to be photographed. Before they upload these pictures on Facebook they will check and pixelate any faces that might not want to be included. We are happy for you to snap each other and the entertainers. However if you have a large camera and look like a photographer you may un-nerve some of our guests and you will be asked to put your camera in our cloakroom.

Our terms and conditions for still photographs at The WayOut Club are as follows:

  • Snaps taken of friends by friends are allowed but we expect due respect to those behind your subject. If we feel you are not being respectful we will stop you and ask you to secure their camera in our care
  • Anyone randomly taking pictures on their own will be stopped and asked to secure their camera in our care
  • A small number of professional photographers are allowed to offer to take pictures. They also record our shows. These pictures are circulated on Facebook and are freely given to WayOut for use in publishing or web site at our discretion. We are therefore responsible for these pictures. Our photographers offer copies free to those that they network with at their own discretion.
  • We allow visitors to take pictures of our shows (but not video without permission).

Our terms and conditions for video filming at The WayOut Club are as follows:

  • Filming will only be done in pre-arranged areas of the club with the full knowledge of those in front of the camera lens. The Club will help arrange for customers to dance in front of the cameras if required
  • Filming will only be done at pre-arranged times
  • Arrangements for filming will be finalized at The Club by appointment between 9pm and 12pm
  • Shows and events will only be filmed after a fee is agreed
  • Cameras will have lens caps on at all times except when filming
  • The Club will be represented in a positive way
  • Final footage will be provided on video to WayOut for our records and to show at The WayOut Club

Membership is NOT required