pandoraGreat Loss – RIP Pandora De Pledge – added to blog 12-08-09It is with great sadness that I can tell you that the rumors of Pandora De Pledge’s death have now been substantiated to me directly by Pandora’s partner Alison who has thanked me for making this news public here.Alison has asked that everyone respect her privacy, and that she is left in peace at this time, a time when of course she is struggling to come to terms with the traumatic and untimely loss of her long term partner and best friend.
So please don’t flood Alison with your condolences as she has clearly said she does not want that intrusion.imageworks
Post script 2nd May 2012 Alison has now created her own beautiful internet tribute site with many lovely pictures
Click Here to visit it.


Now that time has healed to some degree Alison is now running Image Works maintaining Pans high standard – Love you Alli xxx

Pandora has been a wonderful friend to many of us in the TG community through her years as a Barbette at the famous Madam Jo Jo’s. Managing Jo Jo’s during the transition years at the time that Jo herself left the club. Pan was an incredible make-up artist, hairdresser and stylist who worked with London’s glitterarty on all sorts of projects. She was an incredible help and inspiration to Jodie Lyn as Jodie started ‘The Boudoir’ and shortly after Pan upgraded her own dressing service under the name ‘Image Works’. With the help of Alison ‘Image Works’ set outstanding standards for dressing services and photoshoots. Pan provided her TG clients with pictures that would leave partners, parents, friends, work colleagues, shop assistants, dumbstruck providing 100s maybe 1000s of trannies the springboard into a confident transgendered lifestyle. Pandora was always very supportive of Steffan and myself and helped provide some of our best publicity pictures. But much more importantly she made us laugh and laugh. Any time with Pan was a good time. Pan was a great help and support to Steffan at his Thursday night ‘House of Drag’. Pan was instrumental in pushing us all to produce Utterly Fabulous magazine in which she did some truly outstanding work. She was a great support to me in my personal life.

I am sure that Steffan and Pan will be sharing a glass of champagne and a fondant fancy and they will be laughing again.
I know they are both in a good place where everyone is young, pain-free, and beautiful – forever…. Vicky Lee xxx

pan rachael alison

pan rachael alison















Most importantly my love now goes out to my very respected friend Alison.
Ali – Time does heal and gives strength – take your time – I love you.
In time I am sure Alison will find the strength to share her grief and read your tributes
But for now please respect her request for privacy.



Click Here to visit The RIP Pandora Facebook site where there are now more pictures

pan_tee_shirtWith this picture Mark Hobbs (Miss Debonaire) reminds us of Pans imense delight when she won a signed Kylie Tee Shirt in an auction at The Transfandango Ball in Manchester organised by Richard O’Brien (who became a personal friend enjoying her imense hospitality at her London home)

Her delight was doubled in the knowledge that she was adding to the amount of money raised to help children with Luekimia to get the best treatment available

Pan was a very generous person in every way. by Vicky Lee








pan_magThis picture is of the cover of Transliving Magazine Nov 2009
In loving memory of Pandora De’Pledge

Shane Marcus, Kim Angel and Stacy of Transliving were all close friends
Some of Pans last magazine contributions were with Transliving and her last officiol engagement on the TG scene was the judging of 2008 at the Miss transliving competition for Stacy
by Vicky Lee





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pan rachael alison

Little Rachel – Hi Vicky, i would just like to say how devastated i was to hear of Pan’s passing. This world has lost someone so dear to everyone’s hearts, it doesn’t seem true to me somehow. I only met Pan a couple of times, but on those occasions, i found her to be a very warm and affectionate person. The last time i met her was in november 2008 at the Miss transliving competition, where i was an entrant.
I have such fond memories of that evening, the warmth of her hands on my cold shoulders i will never forget. God bless Pan,
always in my heart. Little Rachel (in picture with Pandora and Allison)

Katarina Collins – I came out early 2003 and she came out with wonderful help of the one and only Pandora De’Pledge . Pandora is a fab girl in London, spending her life and talent in finding the true girl in all of us t-girls.. Thanks Pan you are a doll!! This is the opening statement on my web side and today 6 years later I still mean every word. I loved Pandora and this is very very sad news. Katarina Collins

Shane Marcus (Editor, Transliving Magazine) Pandora; you were a legend and an inspiration to so many. You will always be loved and missed by thousands! The Trans community may have lost one of its biggest ambassadors, but heaven has gained a beautiful angel!
I will always miss you and never forget the laughter and work we have done together over the past few years.
Sleep tight and rest in peace, hugs Shane Marcus, x x x

Jo & Tamara of ‘The Fourth Space’ dressing sevice – Pandora worked wonders with her make up skills on many TG clients including myself (Tamara) back in 2003 and 2005. At the time I chose Pandora as I know at the time she was the best at what she did and I know many of her clients will feel a sad loss at her passing. Pandora was kind, humorous, generous and excellent at what she did. Pandora helped me build my confidence to first go out en femme in 2003 and I will always and forever feel a huge debt of gratitude and place in my heart for her. I can remember always looking at myself and feeling that Tamara was back in town! I will never forget those times as I sat in her chair looking forward to the end result with Pandora making some joke with her quick wit and humour. Thank you Pandora and all the countless people you helped in more ways than just results. You will be sadly missed but will be remembered by many.

Julia Card – I am so sad to hear about Pandora as you know she was a special person to me and I have got so much to thank her for and a especialy my first job as Julia. I can never say thankyou to her and I know you know how special she was to me.

Jason – I have just heard of the passing of Pan. It was in 1986/87 that I met pan while working as a fellow Barbette at Madam Jojos.
Pan took me under her wing and indruduced me to the flamboyant yet exciting world of makeup and exhibitionism. We had some wild and exciting times in those days. Its unfortunate that I got to hear of her again, just as she had passed. She will remain as a monument to all who knew her. Healing and loving thoughts go to her and her friend Alison. Jason aka (Jazmine Juniperberry)-1980s

Caz Scott – Dearest Pan, May you light up heaven as you did for so many of us. Your dedication, your style and your character will never be equaled. Rest peacefully old friend. Alison, time is a healer, but thankfully, we will never forget. My heart is with you at this sad time. Stay strong and keep the good times close. Caz Scott

Leanne Benson – I’ve posted some of the shoots I did with Pandora, this was definately some of my favourite work, the creativity she put into shoots was brilliant…

Graham Slaven – omg, she was so nice, i didnt know her that well but she took me in with open arms when Mark lived there. She had a big heart and always made me feel at ease when i was round. Hope your ok

Helen Percicoe – Very very sad news. Pandora was an inspiration for me in the world of makeup artistry. An all too brief aquaintance. You will be missed by many. Stay strong Alison, many thoughts are with you xx

Janine Helena – Pan after knowing you almost twenty years I just want to thank you for all the happy crazy moments you bought to my life.
I`ll never forget your defining sense of glamour…. your abrupt sense of humour (whilst setting my curlers ) and everything else….I`m so glad to have stayed with you a few months ago, and honoured to have known you…….may you be cracking jokes in a much better place….. Janine Helena xx”

Lisa Budd – I’m devastated to hear the very sad news that Pan has passed away. It’s been some years since I last saw her as I’ve been living abroad, but I have many great memories of her fixing my makeup and hair. She helped to make me feel good about myself and for that I will always be truly grateful. My thoughts are with her family and in particular, Alison. I hope you find some comfort in this dedication page as I know you must be hurting Alison. For her to be taken away at such a young age is so cruel, but I’m sure she is happy now, laughing away ‘up there’, propping up the bar with her old friend Steffan. Rest in Peace. Lisa Budd xxx

Farrah Mills – I heard about Pan’s passing some weeks ago but was asked to keep quiet which I of course did, I remember the fist time I met Pandora, it was on the opening night of my run in the caberet at Madam Jojo’s Back in 2000! where I know Pan also performed, she was always so warm and genuinly nice to me right from the beginnig and I will always remember her in that way, a very loving warm and extremly talented person who will be forever missed and remembered for her great work in the TG community love always Farrah Mills xxx

Gina Stone – is sad to hear the news that Pandora de Pledge passed away, she was an influence in my life and will be missed RIP xx

Mark Hobbs – Miss Debonaire – Sadly the Queen of Makeup and the provider of glamour to us all is no more.

Lucy Hamilton wrote – I am devasted and cannot really believe it. I first met Pan many years ago at Madame JoJo’s and was a regular client at ImageWorks for many years. She was a good friend and wonderful person. I will miss her so much.

Jamie McKenna – i’m still in shock, but i’m glad she is at peace. i loved and worked with Pandora for 8yrs. she taught me everything about make-up and most of all how to be a good friend. we had our ups and downs but my love for her as always been strong. my thoughts are with Alison and the animals at the moment and i hope that they are well and coping with things. Pandora your always in my heart. I love you so much XXX Rest in piece my loving and caring (and not let us forget a fucking funny person)

Rachael Yorke – That is very sad news.

Lauren Macmurrayhey – that is sad news!! I also met Pandora frequently whilst living in the UK. She will be missed RIP xx

Mario Pellegrini – Pandora R.I.P.Another legend gone,another great has passed,another part of our history we’ve lost,another friend i’ll miss forever. Always in my heart …

Hayley Donelan – R.I.P pandora. Im sorry for the loss of another friend… Thank you Mario for introducing me to her,
we had an unforgetable time that will always be remembered and put a smile our face … X

Jodie Lynn Pattison ‘ The Boudoir’ dressing service – “Rest in peace Pandora. Know you were loved and always will be. Xx”

Tyron Anderson – we love u Pandora xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx