Robbie helps with Drag OlympicsIn this picture Robbie and Lynn Daniels supervise our limbo contest as part of The WayOut  Drag Olympics. Both all the way from Brighton. Both wonderful characters with extraordinary life stories. Both beautiful in their own ways. Both sadly no longer with us. I guess they are entering the event in the after life supervised by Steffan and Pandora


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Betty (from Brighton) was kind enough to write and confirm to me that our good friend Robbie passed away peacefully in his sleep last week.

robbie and steffanMany visitors to WayOut will remember Robbie, who at over 70, would dance alight long with his distinctive dance. I will never forget the night he fell off a bar stool and we had paramedics and police caring for him. He of course, as always was dressed in a tiny skirt, stockings and boob(less) tube, but he was back next week. I thought we had lost him that night.

I would like to share with you here my reply to Betty after reading her news …

Hello Betty, Thanks for writing, I had heard rumours on Saturday, but I know unfounded rumours can so easily be circulated. Now I have heard it from you I will be sure I can pass on the sad news. I am sad to hear about Robbie passing – but if your going to go – thats the way to go – peacefully after a long active and interesting life.
Betty I received a letter from Robbie shortly after his last visit to WayOut 12th March 2011. He wrote…

Dear Vicky, As I didn’t get the chance to speak with you on my last visit 26th Feb to The WayOut Club as it was so busy. I am sending you this letter. Well after a lot of thought I have decided to retire from the “trannie” scene, after nearly 15 years of clubbing and partying, including 387 visits to “WayOut”. My health is deteriorating and it seems that I am not going to improve. May I wish you every success for the future and your good health …. love Robbie
P.S please accept the enclosed photo, taken in 2000 with me and the lovely Steffan

I replied …

Hi there Robbie, I just got your letter. Thank you so very much for telling me everything on your mind as I might not have heard it quite as accurately from others. I will, if you don’t mind, read retiring as “resting” never say never old friend.

You have been such an inspiration to me and many of us. I have so often had new people call me and say “I don’t know if im up to late nights and dancing at my age” and I say “how old are you ?” and they say “50” well I tell them “Never mind the fact that I am well over 50 myself – we have Robbie regularly at WayOut shaking his booty at over 70 so if we can, you can”.

Well old friend if its time to hang up your stillies, you can trust me to hang out a few more years to show the young’ans that us oldies have still got it goin on.

That picture of you and Steffan is lovely I don’t know if you have a copy, so I have scanned it into my computer and I have a copy safe for me here. So don’t think I am rejecting a gift. But I wanted to make sure you still have a copy.

You and I have seen so much together. I am sending you a photograph taken seven years ago. Of course we have lost some of these friends and others have changed beyond belief, but I wanted to remind you of them and thousands of others and to remind you that our spirits have all been lifted by your friendship, energy and inspiration over the years. Thank you Robbie. You are very much loved. With all our love and best wishes for your health and happiness from all at The WayOut Club including Giles, Titch, Gary, Lippy, Lesley and me Vicky Lee

robbie and steffan

This is the photo that Robbie sent to me … I dont have any special faith – but I do like to believe that Robbie is now with Steffan and the loving embrace is as frequent as they wish. I imagine Robbie dancing his stillies off with Ron Storme and Lynn Daniels and Steffan and Brooke Bond and Pandora De Pledge and the lovely Jackie Beard as I am sure Steffan has a WayOut Club in the next world. I believe you just have to head for heaven and it is through the pearly gates, second on the right.

Death never scares me as I have had such an interesting, packed life, seeing and achieving so much more than I could have ever dreamed possible, and …. IF there is an after life I know I have many good friends waiting for me.

We will remember you Robbie old friend R.I.P
Mo StylesWhat terribly sad news. I remember Robbie very well for all those glamourous but minimalistic outfits, and her ability to carry on dancing all night long! Vicky, your special page for Robbie is very touching, and I feel privileged to have met such a lovely person in her healthier years. God rest her soul. xx

Lauren SteadmanOh that’s sad…. I read the article & have been blessed to have known all those beautiful people you mentioned! I can only hope that at 70 I’ll to have the energy that Robbie had dancing the night away!! God Bless her little boob tube. X

Tyron James Andersonvikky i love what you wrote on the way out website about robbie so very nice and sad too as i remember too well how much steffan loved robbie , he always made steffan laugh and me too , and that is pricless x

Tracey HartLooks like he had a hell of a life, r.i.p. robbie, hope to keep going as long as he did!.

Jean WinchesterRest in peace Robbie. Lovely friendly gal. Will be sorely missed.

Maria Theoso sad rest in peace robbie xxx

Dannii BloodrushSad news but a lovely story xx I haven’t been to the club for a long time but it is where I started out and only within the last 8 years too xx I remember seeing Robbie on several occasions and I was inspired xx at only 48 years young I love my short (often tartan) skirts and high heels xx whenever I think to myself, “should I keep dressing the way I do”, I would remind myself go Robbie and say, “absolutely” xx RIP Robbie xx

Xavier Pulpeclubsad news.. RIP Robbie….

Michaela MarbellaOnly tranny with a skirt shorter than mine !!! RIP indeed !!! MMMxxx

Gary Baldi (WayOut DJ) Such sad news Robbie gives us all hope i do hope i will still be ripping up the dance floor at Robbie age God Bless Robbie rip

Ian MurrocksOh that’s sad I’d seen him and spoken many times. RIP xxx

Martijn VanillaLush Smitgood night robbie was wonderfull to have known you xxxx

Andy WarrenVery very sad this. RIP Robbie. x x x x

Frances McKevitt Could never keep up with

Lippy Liang R.I.P Robbie. We will all miss you very much.

robbie DJ Karina  R.I.P Robbie, may you dance for all eternity ♥ xx