On the closest Saturday to 24th August 2011 we  hold our annual

Tributes to Steffan Whitfield


  • Details of the amazing annual tribute show where we remember him and raise money for a cancer charity in his name, on the night that would have been his birthday.
  • Tributes from the press
  • Tributes from those that knew him
  • CLICK HERE to get to know Steffan through a slide show – there are many more videos featuring Steffan on this our You Tube channel

Tributes to Steffan Whitfield Show

Total raised for Cancer Charities since 2005 … £5901.12

2013 Cancer is a Drag Charity Spectacular … What a great night this was 18 x Top Class acts in 2 x rooms, 2 x shows, 2 x stages, 2 x DJs, and Non Stop dancing all night

Cancer is a Drag Charity Spectacular party and concert was held on Sat 24th August WayOut @ Gilt Bar We raised on this night £600 As always at this time (24th August would have been Steffan’s birthday) we will paid tribute to our friend and co-founder of WayOut Steffan by reminding everyone on the night (using video) who and what Steffan was and how much he did for us all. He would be tickled pink that this year we are working with Alan Bugg of ‘Cancer is a Drag’ Alan is a sufferer himself and is constantly finding ways to raise money to support people with cancer. This year the proceeds £600 is going directly to Macmillan Cancer support.

Enormous Thanks go to my WayOut team Miss Lelly, Miss Lisa, Miss Sarah Lloyd, DJ Titch and DJ Gary Baldi. PLUS OF COURSE thanks to all the performers that gave their time and talent to entertained us

Geri Love, Jezabel, Viktor Victoria, Dee Chanelle, Linda Bacardi, Silver Summers, Baga Chipz, Martha D’Arthur, Miss Kitty, Chelsea Attonley,

The Background to these TributeShows …

On the closest Saturday to 24th August 2011 we  hold our annual Tribute to Steffan Whitfield Show This is a real “Feel the Love” Celebration of the inspiration that Steffan gave us and is a night we also remember those that we have Loved and Lost in our WayOut world

After losing Steffan, performers inspired and encouraged by him over many years gathered to perform a tribute to him on the Saturday night that would have been his 40th Birthday. The show was outstanding with many performances and messages of goodwill. The swollen audience at The WayOut Club applauded wildly throughout the show. But even more importantly we had kept Steffan’s memory alive, and taught some who never knew him, who he was, and why he was, (and still is), so important to us all.

Since losing Steffan we have lost others that Steffan loved. Steffan would want us to remember ALL in our community that we have loved and lost and to celebrate their lives and their contribution to our lives.
So from 2010 the night became our “Feel the Love” Celebration of those we have Loved and Lost
when we remember ALL whom we have loved in the style that Steffan taught us to do.

To date we have collected £5245.89 on these benefit night from a collection on each night which has been more than doubled by The WayOut Club and donated to the charity nominated by Steffan’s mum Bonnie …
(Cancer Charity) Myeloma UK, Broughton House, 31 Dunedin Street, Edinburgh EH7 4JG
Myeloma UK Charity No: SC 026116

We also remembered
Ron Storm passed away in 2000
Pandora De Pledge passed away in 2009
Lyn Daniels passed away in 2009
Janet Colins passed away in 2009
Jackie Beard passed away in 2009
Little Robbie passed away in 2011
Vivienne Prescott passed away 2012

and YOUR loved ones too

CLICK HERE for a page of photos taken at these outstanding shows

Latest letter from the charity …

myleoma 2012

In Memory of Steffan Whitfield - Press Tributes

Tribute to Steffan in TV Repartee magazine issue 50 Autumn 2005

Here is the text of the editorial published in issue 50 or Repartee magazine
Steffan Whitfield, From WayOut Club and House of Drag, sadly died at the end of July following a year-long fight against cancer. We would like to offer our condolences to his family and friends and in particular to Vicky Lee, his long-standing partner at the WayOut Club.
In a number of interviews Steffan said, “If I manage to educate one person in my life, about living outside of the box that society tries to put us in, then I will have done some good.” Steffan did much for the TG community and he will be very sadly missed. He was just thirty-nine years old. During his brave fight with cancer Steffan told his sister Jan, I have “no regrets . . . I had a ball”.
We very much hope to have a very special and fitting tribute to Steffan in the next issue of Repartee. The last word here goes to Vicky Lee as she describes the friend she has lost: “A beautiful man and a beautiful woman but most importantly a beautiful person and loved by so many.”
Double page Tribute to Steffan in TV Repartee magazine issue 51 January 2006

Here is the text of this editorial published in issue 51 or Repartee international written by Vicky Lee
How does Steffan Whitfield fit into the evolution of transgender and the world of ‘Roses Repartee’? The first time that, the already extrovert, Steffan “dragged up” was to enter a contest. The experience changed his life. He had already accepted the feminine part of himself and as an ‘out’ gay guy, with a supportive family, he had none of the fear of discovery that many ‘Roses’ including myself have struggled with. However Steffan never once saw “drag” as an opportunity to shock or an opportunity to belittle women through a panto pastiche. Steffan loved women, especially strong women, and for him “drag” was a way to enhance himself. Like a super hero the make-up, wig and clothes gave him the strength and power he admired in many women. There were tims he would go home after a long night and next day he would tell me that he sat in front of the mirror for many hours “I could not take it off” he said.
I refer to Steffan as him, despite the fact that for the first three years of our 14 year relationship I was over-awed by the beauty of his female image and struggled to “know” the real person behind the make-up. Steffan was a beautiful man as well as a stunning woman. As a man he shared the good looks of Leonardo De Caprio, so much so that from the circle of London’s Leicester Square I involuntarily shouted out “STEFFAN” as I saw Leonardo at the top of the first-class staircase in the film ‘Titanic’. Though some who met him called him Stephany – Steffan always used his full male name. In those first years of “drag” Steffan would call himself a “female impersonator”, (in the then USA context), but in the last four years of his life he moved, at least in his mind, to a more transsexual position accepting and enjoying the love of a man who thought of him as a woman and spending more time with transsexuals and inbetweenies. At this time he said to me “I don’t think I am gay anymore – I think I have evolved to something else”.
If you met Steffan, like me, you may have found him at first awesome. I feel that this was both an advantage and a disadvantage for him (and you). This “awe” sometimes held others at a distance giving him the advantage of being able to better choose, who he brought close to him. Some may imagine that he might only have chosen the glamorous, and it would be true that he was drawn to glamour – but this was the downfall because in truth he was also drawn to EVERY type of person – I was constantly surprised at the depth of friendships that he forged with those, (and I include myself), who were more mouse than glamour puss. These friendships keep revealing themselves as one after another person, tells me the personal stories of Steffan’s long conversations on the phone, private make-up lessons and presents of wigs, shoes etc that quietly went on in the background, unknown, even to me.
The most important thing that shines from Steffan’s life is the fact that his love had truly NO boundaries. Steffan would always say that at The WayOut Club “Age, race, sexuality & gender have NO boundary and É neither does LOVE” But this was truly his life’s belief – his creed – It went far beyond the doors of the club. He never had a bad word for anyone. Steffan gave time and love to people from all backgrounds, all nationalities whether powerful, rich, slow or poor. The level at which he gave un-conditional love has been an inspiration to me. He challenges me (and you) to put aside prejudice and live without it corrupting our lives. The second important thing about Steffan is that he inspired and encouraged others to perform. It is true that Steffan was never happier than at centre stage but he was equally happy to watch others experience the same joy that was in his heart. Many of us who may never have otherwise believed in ourselves, have been given a gift through his generosity, and love for entertainment. In interviews just shortly before his un-timely death with both Vibeke Bryld and Jodie Lynn, Steffan said; “If I manage to educate one person in my life – about living outside of the box that society tries to put us in – then I will have done some good.”
I am sure that you will agree with me that in this desire he has more than succeeded. Furthermore you can trust that at The WayOut Club I will ensure that his beliefs will never die and that all will be welcome to enjoy what he helped to start. A melting pot of respect for those that respect others, and a place to entertain and be entertained.
Tribute to Steffan in Forum magazine Vol 1 Issue 5 2005

Tribute to Steffan in What's On Magazine 31st August 05

Viv Buzi at a celebration of the life of the late Steffan Whitfield
We’re constantly being told that everything is either black or white. But there is perhaps no better example of the large grey area in between than the WayOut Club, whose co-founder, Steffan Whitfield, died on July 29, aged 39. According to Vicky Lee, his partner in the Club, Steffan was “a beautiful man and a beautiful woman”. But Steffan was much more than a drag queen. At the WayOut Club’s celebration of his life on August 20, it becomes clear that he had discovered an alternative lifestyle that gave him joy, (“No regrets. I’ve had a ball,” – he told his sister shortly before his death), and wanted to pass on what he had learned to others. Many of the 20 acts who perform in his memory are those inspired by Steffan to express their inner selves. In some cases this involved surgery, in others just dressing up, but the common factor is pride. “Miss Whitfield is all about performance” says commere Vicky.
Little known outside the tranny circuit, Steffan was actually one of its biggest stars. He first appeared in drag in 1986, when he won the Night of 1000 Frocks contest at London’s Hippodrome. He got such a buzz from the audience reception that his life changed overnight. He appeared in cabaret as Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, then with Vicky as half a quartet named Dragmania. Steffan and Vicky’s WayOut Club, founded in 1993, was one of the clubs that catered to a new market. The name “WayOut” was intentionally ambiguous, implying both eccentricity and, according to Vicky, an escape “for those that didn’t quite fit in elsewhere, especially those that cross-dressed for whatever reason.”
I am forever applauding diversity in clubs, but the crowd at the WayOut Club, which I’ve never visited before opens my eyes to a world I thought I knew but didnt. Here are glam drag queens straight out of Drag Idol. But also truckers in wigs and a bit of lippy. And also straight-looking chavs. And also very old gents in slacks. And also young couples of indeterminate sexuality, who like the anything-goes atmosphere thus created. No wonder Vicky describes the WayOut Club as an enigma: “Not quite part of the fetish scene. And strangely enough (in some eyes) not quite part of the transgender scene”.
The performers pay tribute to the man who helped people to live “outside of the box that society tries to put us in.” It’s been put together by Miss Ambre. Steffan asked her to sing “Somewhere” from West Side Story, whose lyrics stress the importance of surviving within an intolerant society “Miss Whitfield created the opportunity for people to develop,” says Vicky, introducing Sarah Lee, a mature newcomer blissfully happy in her new persona. Perhaps the best-known performer is old trouper Ruby Venezuela, still strutting her stuff to perfection. The entire company assembles to sing “We Are Family” becuase, as Vicky reminds us, “the words are so special,”Darius once talked about there being “so much love in this room” and, as naff as that sounds, tonight it’s palpable.
Steffan Whitfield, 1965-2005 RIP You may contact Viv Buzi by email at vivbuzi@f2s.com
Tribute to Steffan in Boyz Magazine 6th August 05

Tribute to Steffan in Boyz Magazine 27th August 05

Tributes sent to QX magazine requesting Steffan’s picture to be used on the cover

Miss Kimberley – Hello Cliff darling and how are you? I am writing to you because myself and the rest of the drag community would be most grateful if yourself and the QX team would celebrate an exceptional human being on your front cover, Steffan who past after a long battle with cancer. I look forward to your reply. Miss Kimberley

Nicholas Drewry, General Manager, Aviva – To the editor, QX Hi, my name is Nicholas Drewry and I am writing to you in reference to the sad passing of Steffan from ‘The WayOut Club’. As a member of the Londons gay community I believe that a tribute should be paid to Steffan, and feel that a cover of your wonderful magazine would be perfect. Please see it in your hearts to do this . . . it would mean so much to so many people. Regards Nik

Gary Dahling, Too 2 Much – I am sending you this mail to let you know what a perfect beautiful mate I had in Steffan from The WayOut Club, he was one of the first people to pick me up off the floor and reach out to me at those very very early days of Orange (surrey keys days). He was a great asset to the scene and indeed to this fucked up city. Please do not let this drag legend pass without a fitting tribute on the cover of your magazine. Regards Gary x

Darcy – I’m writing to you because our beloved Drag sister has passed away, Steffan from The WayOut Club. Steffan who was a very important person on our gay and drag scene dedicated his life bringing happiness to all. I strongly feel that his life should be celebrated on the cover of QX magazine. Thanks so much Darcy

Tribute to Steffan in QX magazine 10th August 05

Tribute to Steffan in QX magazine 17th August 05

In Memory of Steffan Whitfield - Tributes by email since the memoriam
(yours would be most welcome)

Fraser – Steffan was one of those people that always made an impact on every life he touched. He had a natural presence that whatever room he would walk into, people would stop and take a look. When I first met him I was transfixed by his presence. A kind, loving and generous spirit, Steffan would always be the first to help a friend in any way he could. Knowing Steffan since 1985, I like to remember him not as a fellow performer but as; a travel partner with whom I travelled all over the world with, a flatmate whom I shared numerous apartments with; a confident whom I shared some of my most initmate and personal thoughts with and finally but most importantly a best friend whom I laughed and played with for over 20 years. Steffan will always hold a special place in my heart. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten.

Demitri Warner – Dear Vicky… I am so saddened to hear of Steffan’s passing. Idon’t think you and I ever meet but my name is Demitri Warner. I knew Steffan many years ago from the fabulous Madame Jo Jo’s. I used to manage the Fallen Angel pub in Islington and hung out in the usual London scene…same as Steffan…my god! The times we had…LOL…at least what I remember…grinz. I was looking online for information on the old London scene and sadly found the memorial of his life…. and was more saddened that like so much in our lives we lose touch with, I lost touch with Steffan…but I never lost touch with the memories I had of him and our fun together…. As so many said…. he was truly a beautiful man and a beautiful woman. I hope to come back to London soon and would love to lay a rose on his resting place…( I live in the states now….long long story…). Again I am sorry to hear of his passing and hopefully you will email me back and let me know how things are going…. Please pass my condolences to his family and friends… All the best to you and the club…. sincerely Demitri Warner

Jenny Sands, Norway – Dear Vicky, It was with great sadness and chock I just learned of Steffan’s death. Personally I didn’t knew him very well, and I can’t claim to be in his closer circle of friends. Still I feel a tremendous loss, Steffan was surely someone you will always remember for his radiant personality. Actually he seemed to remember me from the occasional times we met at WOC and HOD, over the years. He always took his time to chat and to make sure you felt welcome, and I think he had that effect on everyone. I admire him deeply for that, he was a living example of being present, caring and inclusive. Upon the very sad news I lit a candle in memory of Steffan, my thoughts went out to his family and friends, and my Friday night suddenly became a very solemn and contemplative one. I understand Steffan was all for living life to the fullest, and I will try to let this spirit for ever be part of my memory of him. Words cannot really describe my feelings. Rest in peace my friend. Jenny Sand, Norway Jenny & Steffan May 2004

Fabrice – Dear Vicky, Like many and many messages that you will received, it will be from people that you will not know. But last night I was out clubbing and read QX and read the article about Steffan’s death. I am really sorry for your loss. I meet Steffan a very long time ago when he was doing some act in a pub/club Phoenix behind Oxford st. Because of Steffan’s act and his presence, I went there every time he was there.Steffan introduced me to drag act and see someone doing the Madonna show was something. I eithen gave him a post card of Madonna once and I remember being very shy about it. Last night I was crying,and couldn’t believe that Steffan died. This morning I had to get the pictures that I had from a Soho pride in 1993, there is a picture of me and Steffan. I am sorry for the loss and will not waste your time now as you have so many things to go thrue. I will be coming to your special night and give my support. I am really sorry. Thank you. Fabrice

Tara Starr – Like all of us (although I could not claim to know Stefan well) I was very sad to hear that she had died. I thought you spoke very nicely Vicky of your long time friend and I thought it was a beautiful tribute. I remember coming to London in the mid eighties and I first saw Stefan then. Though still beautiful up until the last time I saw her, many people would not know just how striking she was in those days… It is easy for many trannies (and admirers) to forget that were it not for you two, we would not have the WayOut Club, which is a wonderful establishment for us all. Anyway…I just wanted to send a few words of respect of my own.. Lots of Love Tara Starr xxxxx

Rikki – I first met Steffan in September 2000, the first time I went the WayOut Club, on what was to become the start of my journey out. She (I’m sorry I can’t think of her as him) inspired me to start performing and although I discovered I am not cut out to be a professional Drag artist, she encouraged me and supported my performing at both the WayOut Club and the House of Drag – in fact everytime I went to the House of Drag she had me up doing something. It was at the launch of the of the House of Drag in December 2000 that I had a makeover from Jodie Lynn that resulted in a picture I used for the next year to ease my coming out process to friends and family. Steffan has touched the lives of so many girls over the years, and I for one will never ever forget her, or how much she has done without even realising it, to help me to have the courage to come out, face the world and be myself. Thank you Steffan – God speed darling – I will really miss you. Rikki xx

Alexis Divine – I had the very great pleasure of meeting Steffan together with his mum Bonnie at Royal Ascot a couple of year’s ago and spend a truly great day that will live forever in my memory in her company, my tribute to Steffan is .. ” Your guiding light will always shine like the supertrooper shone on you a star forever ” , I have attached my fav pic taken with Steffan at the Wayout, your’s in deepest sympathy Alexis Divine xxx

Danny Edwards – Hi Vicky I’m not sure if you will remember me but, I used to be ‘Ms Teddi Bare’ 100 years ago!, I was deeply saddened to hear of Stefan’s passing and I wanted to send my love and thoughts to you all and his family. Danny Edwards aka ‘Ms Teddi Bare’ (actor friend) Stefan was always incredibly gracious and lovely to me, and we had many great chats and gossips about life and “showbiz” over the years. I last saw him when he was doing the show at Too Too much and we stood on Brewer street in hysterics , questioning how old we were and how quickly life was whizzing by, and why was everyone else so horribly young! He told me of his battle against cancer but I was so bowled over by his determination to enjoy life and just “get on with it. I first met Stefan years ago when he was Marilyn for a big party at The Limelight and at the time I was booked to photograph the evening. He arrived in a limo flanked by two handsome men, and I remember forgetting to actually take pictures for a second because I couldn’t believe how beautiful and so like her he was. I wish I still had those photos. Then in my drag days at Madam Jo Jo,s he would float in and have a drink with me after the show. As The WayOut took off I used to come down regularly and while leaving in various states of disarray Stefan would give me a fantastic knowing look as I stumbled out in my heels, never judging, always smiling. I no longer do drag , but returned to my acting career, coupled now with a job as event manager for Soho clubs and Bars. Every time I saw Stefan , he would always congratulate me on my various successes over the years, and there was always a100% genuine interest and honesty in his support. I will miss him dearly, I shall treasure that memory (among many) of that exit from the limo and that pure unadulterated 100% star quality. Danny Edwards – Events Manager Soho Clubs and Bars

Lucy Hamilton - Dear Vicky, I am working in the USA this summer but have just heard the devastating news that Steffan has died. He was a wonderful person and such a glamorous star in the TG world. I send my sympathies to his family and friends. This photo was taken of us together at The House of Drag, which was a great midweek venue in London. I first met Steffan with you when you launched the WayOut Club in the West End about 20 years ago. with love Lucy

Simon and Grace – We remember with great fondness the warm welcome we were both given and that Steffan was always the most fabulous and gracious hostess. She would never have a bad word to say about anyone and always knew how to handle even the most precious of girls in the club!! Steffan to us was most memorable on the many birthdays that Grace celebrated in the WayOut club and how he made her feel like a million dollars, even when she did turn 40!!! He was an amazing person with so much warmth and genuine personality, that he will be very much missed, but not forgotten. “farewell my dear, farewell …..” Simon and Grace xxxx
Sophie – (a relative newcomer to the TG scene)
I only met Steffan 3 times but her warm welcome and her kindness has changed my life.

Bari Bacco – I am shocked to hear the news that Stephan has passed away. I first met him at a television studio in Wembley, on a programme hosted by Ester Ranzten, his personality ran before him, with exuberant style. Although a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, like her there was only one mould, and yet he was able to break Marilyns mould, taking the audience into a fantasy of seeing Marilyn re-incarnated. For a while I managed Stephan and the rest of the Way Out Spice Girls as they impersonated the Spice Girls, and along with him they were truly professional. His appearance in the Spice Girls movie is a tribute to his unique ability to take us beyond. I salute his glamour and style, a true showman – Stephan.
Lots of love Bari Bacco, Manager. The OFFICIAL UK DREAMBOYS.

Jeremy (aka Jezabel who worked with Steffan and Vicky Lee as ‘The Vampettes) – Dear Vicky, I don’t quite know what to say. I’m sitting here literally shaking with shock and deep sadness. This is all too strange, even stranger for you I’m sure. My heart goes out to you (and Lesley). I thought tonight I’d touch base with the website and see what you’d all been up to (as I regularly do)……………..and what news did I find! Totally shocked!! I knew Steffan had been unwell, but thought he was on the mend. So this news is a total shock…. A week ago I sat in my living room after dinner with a girlfriend, showing her for the first time some of the pics of when I did drag. Obviously there were many pics of you and Steffan, each one of them significant in some way or another, encompassing a truly important part of my life, which I thank both of you for. A picture of Steffan and myself shopping outside Cartier in full glamour, has taken centre stage in my lounge for years. My time with you guys was possibly the best time I’ve had in my adult life. I appreciate everything Steffan did for me, personally and professionally, and know that I wouldn’t have managed to do the things I did, perform at the places I did and have all the opportunities I had without him (of you). Even though I hadn’t seen Steffan for nearly 2 years, I can’t believe I won’t ever see him again. Thank god for memories … cause there are plenty of them to choose from … and they were all fucking good!!!!! Steffan touched my life and I’ll miss him. Lots of love Jez
From Callum Train – Dear Vicky, I was deeply moved to hear of Steffan’s untimely shuffle and feel compelled to make contact with Yourself and his other friends. I feel all the more saddened by the fact that I have not seen Steffan for several years. I did maintain a contact of sorts with Steffan, Kenny and a few others with the odd text message every new year or so (“out of sight but not out of mind” was my usual simple hail) but then I lost touch a few years ago. The cruel irony is that I re-established contact with Steffan in a brief exchange of text messages around the new year of 2005 and promised to visit soon as I expected to be frequenting London again towards the end of this year. My constant moving and changing of numbers since meant I lost touch again until last week; when I visited the website with the intention of re-establishing contact…the reality has taken a few days to sink in. My sincere condolences go out to those who knew and loved Steffan. I cherish some fond memories of quality times shared with Steffan, Kennan, Chris, Ray et al when I was fortunate enough to be a part of their social circle. Sir Francis Bacon’s 1597 essay “Of Friendship” states: “A principal fruit of friendship is the care and discharge of the swelling of the heart which passions of all kinds do cause and induce.” Steffan was a Curator of Principal Fruit. Love to All Calx

Raquel – Dear Vicky Lee – After seeing the sensitive tribute to Steffan in QX Magazine, I felt moved to do a drawing – a mixture of Steffan and Marilyn, the essence of them both, full of glamour, humour and sensitivity. I hope this helps at this difficult time. I shall keep my eye out for the website, and if you like to get in touch don’t hesitate to contact me. And I look forward to visiting The WayOut Club soon. Kindest regards Raquel x x

Keith – Hi Vicky, The “Celebration of Steffan’s life” charity benefit show on the 20th Aug exceeded my expectations. The quality of the performances blew me away. When I think that Steffan inspired those who participated and their willingness to be there for him, it tells me he must have been quite unique. The slide show revealed more about the raunchy lady. I’m hetero and I can say I fancied her in some of those shots. I particularly like the closing slide where she was wearing the cap low over one side of her face. Oooh la la. There is only one more thing left for me to say before I stop emailing. I just wish that someone your side of the fence in the ‘Way Out’ loop had taken the microphone before the night was out, to say something which I’m sure all us visitors must be thinking. You spoke of Steffan’s strength in terms of his achievements and his fight with cancer. On behalf of all us kids in the playground we recognise your courage, tenacity, strength and support you gave Steffan and the ‘Way Out Club’. You started it with him and have yourself proved you have the same qualities to inspire others and to carry it on as you have these past few weeks, in addition to the previous, what must have been an extremely difficult year. Wow! You deserve a medal (or at very least a bunch of flowers). Very simply we say, “THANK YOU”. Keith x

Shiny n Anna – Dear Vicky, hope you dont mind me emailing you, i just had too, after logging into thewayoutclub website to read of the loss of an Amazing person, Steffan touched our hearts, and gave us strength, We are a couple from Swindon, My name is Shiny and my gorgeous partner is Anna, Im a fem and Anna a TV. Over the past year or so we have loved coming up to London and having the freedom to go out together in a place where we feel safe to be ourselves in the company of so many fantastic people, We had never experienced such a atmosphere, to feel we were excepted as a couple, all the fantastic friends we have made! I have come over and hassled yourself and Steffan a few times!, in my thigh boots n leopard print bikini!! Every time you have been so lovely you both always took time out to make others feel special, Something really magical about being at WayOut! Steffans beauty and strength will live on forever, she touched so many peoples lives ,and gave them the strength to live their lives to the full, WE will never turn back, You really have both given us so much, Anna is now Anna and proud! she my babe, gorgeous and free to express herself when before she just questioned herself, If she would only stop stealing my rubber n pvc!!… good job she has size nine feet is all i can say. I hope you don’t mind me emailing you just had to let u know how much you have touched our lives. you really are someone very special. All our love Shiny n Anna xxxxxxxxxxx

Dee Chanelle and Penny Richards – Dear Vicky A tribute to Steffan from Dee Chanelle and Penny Richards For us Steffan was certainly a candle of light, burning brightly, inspiring others, always vivacious and animated. We worked very hard with Steffan for over a year to promote our monthly TS gathering- “MUSE” at The House of Drag in Green Street Mayfair where Steffan promoted every Wednesday night. Penny and I always remember Steffan would appear out of nowhere, ready to go. We often wondered if Steffan stayed in the cupboard near the dressing area and only came out on Wednesday nights!! She certainly knew how to attract attention from the crowd. That was her gift. Rest in Peace Steffan.. Your legend lives on and will continue to inspire all of us. Dee Chanelle and
Penny Richards

Toni Vain – Dear Vicky Lee, I was very sad indeed to hear that Steffan had died. His presence in The WayOut World and the scene generally will be sorely missed. I remember with fondness your and Steffan’s invaluable assistance in introducing me to the London Tranny World at The WayOut Club in Goodge Street many years ago. Please pass my condolences on to all his family and close friends, and of course yourself at this sad time. His life was a celebration. He brought celebration to many others, and his memory will bring contued celebration. With love to you and the WayOut family from Toni Vain.
Sherri, Gina, Tamsin & Sara – Dear Vicky, Debs kept us in touch with events. Steffan will be sadly missed but never forgotton in our hearts. Sherri, Gina, Tamsin & Sara.

Angel Zsa Tsar – Steffan, she hold a very special place in my heart. I hope that we find consolation in the love for her in other people. We need that to get over this untimely news. Sincerely Angel Zsa Tsar.
Chris Buckley (ex manager of Circa at Berkley Sq the first venue of The WayOt Club originaly on Thursdays)- Dearest Vicky, I was very saddened to read of the passing of Steffan. He was a great person who brought colour and flow to everything he did! I remember meeting him 20 years ago and being in awe of his personality. I think at the time he was in Splash and they were playing a gay night at the London Hippodrome Disco. Several years later I met him again with you, I was then the manager of Circa Bar when The WayOut Club came to the bar in Berkeley Square (at that time on Thursdays). All my thoughts are with Steffans family and friends and especially you. Take good care and god bless. Chris Buckley xx

Bex – I am truely sorry. All my love. No-one could ever forget Steffan. Bex xxx

Nikki – My Tribute to Steffan
I first met Steffan in July 1997. I arrived at The WayOut Club nervous, I bought a drink and sat down, then this beautiful woman came over and said “Hi How are You”, I said “Oh Fine”. I later found out it was Steffan, he always greeted new people to the Club. He made an effort to do that, no matter how busy he was sorting out the Club. He also took an interest in what people were wearing. I wanted a Stevie Nicks costume made and he gave me tips on what I should have made and what material to use. Vicky told him about my desire to have this made and he took time to come and take me aside to see Sarah to discuss this. Steffan really cared that his customers were happy and felt good about their appearance. He would come up to me often and comment that he like my clothes and that made me feel good. Steffan was a great Entertainer and this is probably the most important aspect of him for me. For instance when The Wayout Club was baseed in Tiffanys, Steffan put a Madonna show on. He surprised everyone, it was not the usual “Like a Virgin” routine, he had done a spot on replica of the current single “Frozen”. I was leaving the Club early that night and I was transfixed on the stairs that led to the exit watching this show, it was amazing. In conversation with Steffan I told him I was a mad fan of Olivia Newton John. I told him that everyone seems to do the Grease Routines, he made no comment. Little did I know he was planning a new show featuring Olivia. The next week at the Club I was having a drink and he came up to me and said “I have a surprise for you” and walked away. Anwyway when show time came, the opening bars of Xanadu burst out of the speakers, God it was great, Steffan skated over to me and as the lyrics go “A Shooting Star” he placed his wand on my head. That is how Cool, Steffan was, he catered for all his punters tastes, he was willing to include items in his shows to suit people’s personal tastes, he was awesome that night. Another thing about Steffan was this, he was a strong and virtuous man. He ejected a group of thugs from the Club who were ridiculing a group of trannies, he needed no bouncers. He was there with Vicky to defend people and protect them. I wrote another article for WayOut in 1998 on “People who have influenced you” and yes Steffan was there included, he knew all about these women I admired, he told me stuff I never knew as well. One of Steffan’s idols was Monroe. Like all loved icons he died young. For me he is among the Greats, Monroe, James Dean, Bolan, a true Entertainer and a nice guy who was not out of reach like many Entertainers. Steffan was there among his fans. At least I can say I knew Steffan, I had that honour and it was a Great Honour. Nikki