Co-Founder and WayOut host Vicky Lee

Vicky has hosted the WayOut Club since 1993 and has hardly missed a Saturday. She looks forward to meeting YOU soon…

How did The WayOut Club start

Vicky was exploring London’s Transgender scene back in 1987. “Trannying around” The Philbeach Hotel, Ron Stormes parties, and any thing promoted in Time Out as “dress to impress”. She met Steffan Whitfield at The Kensington Roof Gardens in 1991 where Vicky was a regular every Sunday night. After an invitation from Steffan to Fortnam & Mason for afternoon tea the partnership clicked. Vicky soon started working with Steffan in 1992 in Steffan’s Dragmania show and on promotions including 14 weeks at London’s Hippodrome working for a gay night called ‘Bolts’ for Nicky Price. Steffan and Vicky never did get paid – but they learnt an awful lot. The experience proved that Steffans imagination, creativity and network of contacts, married with Vicky’s multi-skilled talents, understanding of the fledgling transgender scene, enthusiasm and organisation was an amazingly powerful potion. The owner of a wine bar in Gower St, Lee Whitby, recognised this and offered them her bar every Saturday and the wayOut Club was born.

The respect that Vicky and steffan had for each other,  through thick and thin, enabled them to co-found host side by side until Steffan’s un-timely death from cancer in 2005.

Vicky continued on non stop, hosting the club with the ever present spirit of Steffan and the constant support of Vicky’s life partner Lesley (aka Miss Lelly) together with the love and help of her team… DJ Titch, DJ Gary, Lisa (Miss Lola Monterey), Delicious Don (and in previous years Giles ‘Sarah Lloyd’ Bishop and Daniel ‘Morag McDuff)’

Vicky has also published a number of books and Magazines

The Tranny Guide

Long before the internet Vicky published an annual guide to shops, services and places to go. It started as the Transvestites Guide to London … (bit dry) but in the day EVERYONE called its ‘The Tranny Guide’. Vicky and her team adopted this as the book title and researched a new edition every year for 12 years (12 editions). It soon became a much loved and respected  international resource with contributions from all around the world. It sold regularly 5000 copies each year.
… BUT in 2004 during a visit to the USA Vicky was told that ‘Tranny’ was becoming an insulting word and the internet was beginning to replace the need for such a book.

In 2005 Vicky produced one more guide calling it ‘Transgender AtoZ’ and though some of the book will now be dated (some listings will be out of date) much of it is GREAT content.
It is available here for FREE to read online or to download.


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Transgender AtoZ
Vicky Lee

International guide
Personal Reports
Personal Profiles
Places to Go

NOTE published 2005
Listings may be out of date

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Vicky stopped publishing books in 2006
BUT before she did she authored one more book …


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Vicky Lee

“Part Auto Biography .. The view is better when you’re on the fence”

“the French give gender to a bluddy table Le Tabla or La Tabla ??”

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HEorSHE? by Vicky Lee

This is an uplifting compendium of thoughts with 100s of pictures in full colour. Vicky has now distilled her well qualified thoughts and advice into her new book HEorSHE? With answers to many questions about the why’s and wherefores of cross-dressing and transgender Subtitled “The view is better when your on the fence”. This subtitle is in reference to Vicky’s belief that the duality of being transgendered provides an enhanced life experience – if you let it. A must read for anyone wanting to understand gender confusion and gender joy…

The book includes Vicky Lee’s auto biography with additional supporting contributers biographies. Vicky believes accepting transgender can unleash creativity. The book provides a number of examples.