VL-BDIs this your first time?

Boy, Girl or T-Girl You WILLL love it. Every one is friendly, we all remember our own first time out and all the regulars and staff want you to have a good time.

Come and say hello to me Vicky Lee for a start.


My main tip is plan your visit – how are you getting here – check it on google map – Are you going to come and stay near by and arrive dressed or, wear your underwear and finish getting dressed and made up at the club. How are you getting home again – Are you leaving dressed or are you going to change again at the club.

Stay nearby

At The Minories we are right next to the Tower City Travelodge LOCAL HOTELS
To stay near by solves lots of problems you could arrive by public transport or if you drive parking is free in the area midday Sat and all day Sunday. Lots of people including me use the many hotels around our area within a very short walk to the club. £60 to £150 depending on time of year full details on our web site under ‘You Need to Know’ …. Accommodation. All the hotels have treated our girls with respect and there is nothing like getting ready in your own room taking that short nervous (exciting) walk to the club, not worrying about drink in, and then collapsing back after a great night (don’t forget the baby doll nighty … 🙂

Changing at the club

If you are changing at the club you need to know we have limited changing space at The Minories. The Ladies toilets are NOT available for changing as the public share these toilets until 11pm. The changing space is ok for one at a time, it is a curtained area by the reception and cloakroom with mirror. It will be MUCH easier if you wear your underwear, tights or stockings, under your male clothes as that saves a lot of time and hopping round on one foot. We have a secure cloakroom to look after your bags (£2) This is available from 11:30 to 2:30am – remember we have about 50 early birds before 11pm but most come in from 11:30 to 1am and stay tip 3am we are a very late club.

Getting Home

We have licensed insured mini cabs despatched from our door by a company we have used for over 10 years. Always agree the price before you leave. Prices are rarely less than £25 (the £100 room all of a sudden may be more attractive). You might have the number for a black cab company or Uber that might be a fraction cheaper. Late at night cabs are the ONLY safe way to travel – specially for a girl.

What should I wear?

Every ‘girls’ question! If I was going to recommend a style to make you feel comfortable on your first visit I would say good grooming, skin and nails, cover up or hair removal – Good hair / wig in a modern style and a simple but classy black dress (long, short or knee length) with some nice accessories. Some nice jewelry flatters all ages. Don’t overdo the heel height unless you really are used to standing on them a long time. Better a kitten heel and be comfy.

You may like to take advantage of our make-up service by one of ‘the WayOut girls’ … scroll down for more

In fact you can wear anything at The WayOut Club.
With around 200 people every week there will always be someone dressed in a similar style and there will always be someone that looks better (and worse) than you do.

We can all remember our “first time”
and we all look forward to our “next time”

If you really are worried that you are going to get it wrong and feel out of place I do recommend a visit in DRAB (Dressed as a Boy) before your debut in DRAG (Dressed as a Girlie). I often find that when I talk to a new guy at the club he tells me “you wont recognise me next time”. When you see what others wear you will be inspired to follow your feelings on your next visit. As you leave you will always think to yourself  “next time I am going to wear …”
be that flamboyant, tarty, glamorous, clubby or even more sophisticated. That’s what The WayOut Club is all about.

Do you need help with dressing for your visit?

There are good dressing services in London that regularly help prepare and escort visitors to the club. The WayOut Club is good friends with these organisations
but has no business association and receives nothing from any of them

Links to Dressing Services & Photographers

  • The Boudoir The Boudoir famously run for many years by Jodie offers top class support, wardrobe, make-up and escorting to events clubs shopping, photography by Jodie Lynn. VERY highly recommended
    basic banner1
  • Adam & EveJosie offers support, wardrobe, make-up makeovers shopping and club escorting, photography.
  • Style Me Quirky Style Me Quirky makes dreams reality providing a professional crossdressing service for transgender and drag, drag for girls, fantasy, image and styling makeovers
  • Boys Will be Girls Cindy at Boys will be girls runs a luxurious and discreet dressing service supplies full makeovers, clothes, escorted nights out to the WayOut club and other venues and much more!BWBG-BannerJPG
  • Ms Lola is a newly established business with fresh and exiting ideas and concepts for this very exclusive way of life.