Tips For Guys

Hi to all you guys that visit WayOut as guys, I want you to know that you are VERY welcome on your own or with friends.

Here is what ‘C’ wrote about his first experience.

Hi Vicky Lee, I just wanted to say I was nervous about coming, but so glad I did! I really had a brilliant time, it exceeded all my expectations… and well, the girls… just fantastic.  I was made to feel so welcome, but got tagged the minute I walked through the doors by one bunch and they didn’t let me go all night! I’ll definitely be coming again soon, possibly again this Saturday and will look to do a bit more mingling! Thanks a bunch ‘C’ xx

So guys have a good read of this page I know it will help you make the best of your visits to the club
xxx Vicky Lee xxx

Many people that visit The WayOut Club are surprised at the number of guys dressed as guys at the club. Some of our straight couples, where a cross-dresser has a female partner, struggle with the concept of guys in the club. But that’s the way we always wanted the club to be. We want WayOut to welcome “trans allies” female and male. You are ALL part of our growing trans community.

It would be totally wrong to think that a guy at  The WayOut Club must be gay. After all most gay guy just don’t fancy us ‘girls’. Most of the guys at the club identify as straight – but accept that they enjoy looking at and meeting trans girls. Many say they respect the effort that the girls at WayOut take to look their best. Of course we love to see gay guys at the club and many of us have gay friends who love the club. 

WayOut is a great place for you guys to network and meet T-Girls and other guys with the same respect for T-Girls that you have. We all like to chat with a sociable guy, especially if you make us laugh. Since the early days in 1993 you have become more and more confident and socialy skilled, younger and better dressed. Many of you have become good friends to many of us. I find that you guys are also getting to be much more comfortable with your interest in us “girls with a bit extra”. Many of you are very knowledgable and informed after research on the internet. So many of you have been to places like Thailand. I think also its now not SO taboo for you to talk (at least joke) about Lady Boys with your mates.

But you don’t have to be looking for a liaison with a T-Girl to be a guy at The WayOut Club …

  • Some guys may cross-dress themselves but for one reason or another do not feel right about dressing in public. They are keen to talk to the girls that do. (and maybe next week ???).
  • Some guys maybe at the club to support family or friends.
  • Some guys maybe a partner / boyfriend. This is always great to find. We have many T-girls who have found long term relationships at the club. The club has become a family for many. 10 couples have met and married happily.
  • Some guys may be a first time or regular “explorers” looking to explore the edges of society and to understand the scene for all sorts of reasons, from intellectual to creative. We like to chat and are happy to answer your questions.
  • Some guys just love the free and relaxed atmosphere created by the diversity that the club enjoys.
  • Some guys ARE gay and are there because they have friends at the club and next week they may be in drag for a bit of the lime light and maybe to “pull a straight guy”.

We believe that even the most hetro cross dresser can’t help but be thrilled by an admiring glance from a respectful, nice looking, man. After all nothing else says “you got it right – you pass” like a polite smile or compliment based on respect.

However most of our hetro cross dressers, even having made a really big effort to look great, may be annoyed or even offended if your over pushy or touchy feely with them.   

Other T-Girls enjoy this kind of attention, but as anywhere else no means no. 

And of course yes means yes. There are other clubs which allow sex in the club but NOT at WayOut. This a nightclub NOT a sex club.
There are plenty of hotels in the area for that. CLICK HERE for local hotels. You may even be lucky enough to be invited to a private ”afters” party.

We aim to ensure that everyone is comfortable on a visit to WayOut, including those that are NOT looking for sex and those that might be frightened to be in that kind of environment, including female partners of cross-dressers and maybe YOU.
Kissing and cuddling like any nightclub is OK, but please do not go any further IN the club. We encourage all of our guests to “self police” the club and to inform hosts and security if any one is going too far, is annoying, rude, or wont take no for an answer.
Likewise you should not have to put up with T-Girls being too pushy, asking for free drinks, or blatantly, rudely and annoyingly offering sex for money. Please let us know if this is happening to you if you are offended.
In all cases we may ask those (guys or girls) that are “annoying” to leave and may even ban them from the club.

A lot of guys ask me how to approach the T- Girls ….

Farrah (on the far right) is a regular at The WayOut Club, so who better to offer male admirers some advice on approaching a T-girl than a really attractive receptive T- Girl ?

Farrah tip 1)

  • Treat her like a lady. “Nothing turns me off more than a guy who can’t be bothered to woo me. A lot of guys think they don’t have to make any effort. Trans girls won’t just jump into bed with you, no more than any girl will, so make sure you do all the right things first. Make a T-girl feel like a proper woman, and not just something exotic you’d like to shag!”

Farrah tip 2)

  • Turn up looking good “The average T-girl will probably spend about five hours getting ready to go out. There’s all the cleaning, the shaving, the making up and dressing, the fiddling with suspender belts and the hours spent getting hair looking great. There’s a huge amount of effort involved in creating a beautiful woman, so it’s only right that you turn up properly groomed. At the very least have a shower and use some deodorant, otherwise why the hell should us T-Girls bother?”

Farrah tip 3)

  • Make the first move “For most T- Girls, club nights are the only time they ever go out in female clothes. Some of us live full-time as woman, but I know we are in the minority, I know these nights are very important to the part-time girls, which makes it vital that you make them feel extra-special”. The girl shouldn’t have to do any of the chasing. It’s the man’s job to make a girl feel ultra-femme by making the initial eye contact, wandering over, offering her a drink and, most importantly, telling her just how fabulous and womanly she looks. And don’t be too upset – in fact be polite – if she gives you the brush off. It’s just that most cross dressers are heterosexual, so you might have to talk to several girls before you get lucky!” Be nice to the straight T- Girls and have a friendly chat, we all chat you know … 

Farrah tip 4)

  • Don’t expect too much “Even if your interest in us is purely sexual, then don’t assume all T-girls will behave the same way. Some might go all the way on the very first date, but others will prefer to take things slowly, and even then they might not do exactly what you’d like them to. I’ve always enjoyed anal sex, but I have several tranny friends who don’t, while I know other girls who hate anyone seeing their cock because it makes them feel unfeminine. So don’t expect every T-girl you meet just to drop her knickers and let you screw her arse and then suck her dick. Not all trans girls are sex machines, although I think that’s what most men expect. They think the mind of a man in the body of a woman is a recipe for constant sex. Well, sometimes it is, but sometimes it isn’t…” Its best to talk frankly to see how compatible you are before getting that hotel room.

Farrah tip 5)

  • There is not much chance of you meeting the T-girl of your dreams while pushing a trolley down the aisle at Tesco. Very few T – Girls go out in daylight, and if we do we won’t be wanting to draw attention to ourselves. So it pays to visit a London club like The WayOut Club. These places are always teeming with T-girls, all dressed up in their finery and looking their sexy best.